Seven Seas

Seven Seas 1.13

Hunt down pirate ships by using your cannons or luring them into collisions!
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Seven Seas is a pirate´s game where you have to sink your enemies.
You will achieve this by using your cannons or puting your enemies into a collisions with a reef. With all your enemy ships cleared, you will advance to the next level.

The game has an introductory tutorial that will explain you briefly how to play Seven Seas.

The player can move his ships one square at a time, either straight or diagonally. This is done by clicking on the desired square.

The player has three lives, he will lose one each time the pirate ships collide with him.

When an aim appears over the pirate ships, the player can fire his cannons to destroy them clicking on his own ship. The cannons always fire both to the left and right of the player´s ship.

The red pirate ships are smarter than the black ones, so they won´t collide with a reef, you have to destroy them with your cannons.

If you can evade a ship, you can go to the whirlpool in the corner of the board. You will then appear some squares away. As you advance levels, more difficulties will be added.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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